When your phone dies, send texts from Gmail instead

Normally our are post relate directly to Buying, Selling or improving your business. In this case I found this tidbit on cnet.com  compelling and I had to pass on. Steve Whitehill

You don’t need a charged phone with a data or Wi-Fi connection to send a text message — Gmail can handle it for you right from your desktop. All you have to know is the recipient’s phone number and carrier. To send them an SMS, compose an email putting their 10-digit phone number (no dashes) as the username and their carrier’s gateway address (available on carriers’ websites) as the domain in the “to” field.

For example, an email-based text to a Verizon customer would look something like 0123456789@vtext.com. Other common domains include @mms.att.net for AT&T, @messaging.sprintpcs.com for Sprint and @tmomail.net for T-Mobile.